Chennai Book Fair

This weekend I was at Chennai to celebrate Pongal at my in-laws' place. During the weekend, I also had a chance to go the Chennai bookfair. This ist he first time I'm visiting the fair at Chennai - I had gone to a few earlier fairs at Bangalore - but most of the fairs at Bangalore had focussed a major part on the English books and literary titles, while at Chennai, I could see a lot of Tamil publishers having stalls. Apart from the famous English publishers like Oxford Press, CUP, Prentice Hall, etc. I was really searching for other English publishers.

The fair as such was crowded and since I had visited the fair in the evening, it was like being at an exhibition. People got a bit exhausted when they covered only about 30-40% of the total 250+ stalls. So, most of the stalls after the halfway mark were virtually free. Crowds thronged the more known Tamil publishers who were at the entrance, mostly the Vikatan group.

For my part I got a few self-help books and natural healing books in Tamil and also a few titles on occult studies, like Samudhrika Lakshanam!!! And one book that I got for a better reading was a collection of Einstein's writings

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